Update 1.2.0 - 03/23/18

Hey guys~

We did take time to integrate AI bots and to polish the gameplay and art. And finally we are patching our first big update.
Below are the changelogs:

Play with bots ! 3 type of bots, Raid, Ice-Breaker & Flatline
Shadowcore is now a 5VS5 Player and you can add Bots if you want ! 
The bots don't have final abilities yet but have the wrist weapon & shooting logic.

Easy to find matches on discord:
When a player runs/host game, a notification would appear on our discord server channel.

New Classes Ultimate :
- Support : An energy shield spawns on the floor and gives armor to your team members. The energy tower can be destroyed.
- Assault : Auto AIM - Activate it to shoot enemies without aiming and just by seeing the enemies.
- Recon : Allows you and your teammate to see enemies through walls.

Weapons :
Damages adjustments on every classes
Change Final Skin of the Raid's Weapon
Change Final Skin of Flatline's weapon 

Show button to press if the ability is ready
Killing information(who killed who)
New set of icons & information for skills & abilities descriptions
Match Timer 1 min before the end 
Support Emp hacked effect (stun)
See some part of the scoreboard as part of the death screen.
Objective Icons & Spline to know where is the objective 
Lobby - Pointer integration & hands
New Hot-Join Menu
Kill Icon 
Multi-Kill info icon
New Icon for Enemy Data
Weapon Bullet Count
Health Bar
New HUD for players
Teammate Distance Indicator
Ultimate Progress Bar

Left Hand / Right hand Switch from main menu
Walk around in the Lobby with trackpad movement 
New Computer for the hacking mode
New sounds for weapons
Pre-match information for objectives.

New Assault Rifle
New Art for Lobby(WIP, new polished lobby and HUD will follow)
New Art for Vertigo
New Rendering For Our Characters(You can actually see the design and details) 

Currently we are working on
- Story-based single player missions with VO narrations featuring the current heroes
- Dedicated match-making server for other platforms(Oculus, PSVR) to support cross-platform multi-play.
- New Songs/SFX/VFX/animations and small details
- New Characters(Healer, Support, Melee, Shotgun)
- New maps
- Art polishing for existing maps and lobby
- A new shooting range with AI bots

These updates will come in the following patches.
We really need your feedback and support at this stage. Please give the latest build a try and give us your feedback.
We will also follow up with bug fixes and detail updates every day and we will be available on our steam community channel, website and discord server to support you.

Thank you.
Dev Team

Two new maps are in progress:
- Sci-fi forest

- Sci-fi tower

Changes are coming for the current "Refuse" map:
Dual Wield/Support Class Art Design:
Healer/SMG Class Art Design:

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