Update 1.2.1 - 04/10/2018

Hey guys!

We are patching our new update.
Below are the change logs:

- A sound plays after a player joins the game
- Headset Mesh added on to of the head of player in lobby
- Voice chatting is back
- No more bug with the wrist and hands at the beginning of the match 
- A wrist icon appear when it's ready to fire ! 
- The green ability circle is showing % and goes to 0 after using it. 
- You can change class after dying or from the wrist menu during gameplay
- Performance Optimization on Vertigo 
- New Sniper Visor 
- New Lobby(WIP)

We are organizing matches on our discord testers 6~8PM GMT, 7~9PM PST.
Please give our new patch a try and give us your feedback.

Thank you for your support.

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